de dolfijn amsterdam XXX

we hope to see you in amsterdam


Meet your fellow Master divers from around the world this autumn at the Amsterdam Master Diving Competition 2016! Show your skills on the 1 or 3 meter board or platform in our state of the art swimming pool during three exciting days.

This event combines an international competition and fun for old time stars and rookies.




Last year’s synchro competitions turned into a great success with lots of remarkable dives and diving pairs with a wow factor! Pairs can consist of 2 men, 2 women or 1 man and 1 woman, and you do not need to be from the same club. We can liaise you with a possible partner if you don’t have one yet. This competition on the 3 meter board is something special and worth giving it a try, especially at 20 euro entry fee per pair.


We tried to keep the fees as low as possible anyway, with special discounts for the enthusiastic divers.

The more you compete, the more you save: 20 euro fee for one entry, 35 euro for 2 entries and 50 euro for 3 entries. So we hope to see you all in Amsterdam and compete with you at this year’s AMDC from Friday 28 October – Sunday 30 October 2016!